Experienced Professional

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I am a very experienced advertising professional who, as a Traffic Manager, specializes in setting up efficient
workflows within any advertising-,marketing-, or Communications department. Through my broad experience of
more than 30 years within Advertising agencies in the Netherlands and abroad, my network is extensive.
Because of my broad Graphic experience, as a Production Manager, I can also use this dual expertise alongside my
workflow management knowledge. Also my experience in Broadcast and web-based projects is more then sufficient.
However, one of my strongest USP's,is my ability to motivate people I work with through my personal drive and positive
attitude to solve any challenge which comes along. And the fuel running my engine and alway’s keep me positive and
inspired in this busy profession I have, is my wife, my consiglieri.

Companies I worked for are

Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising in the Netherlands and the Philippines
Bridge Direct Marketing Agency
HVR’Bridge Advertising
TBWA/Direct Company
de Combinatie van Factoren Brand Activation Agency

and since 2007 I did projects as a freelance Operations/Traffic and Production Manager at

Dart Brand Guidance and Design
VNU Exhibitions
Born05 Digital Creative Agency
Air France/KLM
Tata Steel
Koninklijke Fruitmasters
Team K+M Grafimedia
De Kluis Recherche
i-Tee Solutions

Traffic and Production